Works summary

Overview of business

  • Various plants piping work
  • Sanitary piping work

  • Semiconductor particular gas piping work
  • Site foreman dispatch
  • Dealing of bottle washing machinery

Plant facilities


Overhead traveling crane (less than 5t)
Unic crane
Clean room
Dry air
Sawing machine
Drilling machine

Construction equipment 


Automatic Tig welding machine x 5
Tig welding machine x 15
Sanitary pipe cutter x 7
Handsaw x 5
Pipe edge trimmer x 3

Qualified licenses list


Grade 2 piping work managing engineer x 1
Standard boiler welder x 3
JIS welding technician TN-F x 15
JIS welding technician TN-P x 15
Foreman/Safety and health controller x 15
Slinging x 20
Free hand grinding grindstone x 25
Scaffolding work chief x 8
Boom lift (less than 10t) x 20
Small mobile crane x 6
Forklift x 8
Overhead traveling crane (less than 5t) x 10
Gas welding x 20
Full harness x 25

Photo gallery(in the Plant)