Facility introduction

Introduction of our facilities

Seiho Technos Co., Ltd. has acquired the ISO9001: 2015 certificate for the “in-factory production of sanitary piping and unit table manufacturing” on June 25, 2018 to satisfy our customers through our products.
We will work on continuous improvements of the quality management.

Plant area

1090㎡ (496㎡ in building)


Kozuo 1102-4, Hikari city, Yamaguchi Japan

SEIHO Lab(Clean room)


The clean room is utilized not only for welding work but also for study, research, development, and more.
Our “SEIHO Lab” is where Zero turns into One.

Automatic welding machine


Macturn (hollow positioner)

Fixes a pipe and performs semi-automatic welding.

Pipe cutter

Cuts a pipe resulting smooth edge surface.

Clean air

Equipment to provide clean and fresh air environment which is free from impurities

Sawing machine