Company Guide

Company Guide

Seiho Technos Co., Ltd. is based on the Shunan area of Yamaguchi prefecture and has been developing its business area with the power of young workers.

To become a reliable partner you can trust and feel comfortable, we are committed to make the close relationship based on confidence as the basis of our business, focus on technological capability and human resources in order to perform careful and efficient business, and make every effort to improve our service quality.

Makoto Takahashi,
Representative director of Seiho Technos Co., Ltd.

Management philosophy


  • A company which shows outstanding overall ability through business activities both inside and outside Japan and contribute to the society.

  • A company which contributes to the society through consistent high quality customer service and human development.

  • A company which trains people to be motivated, proud, and confident and provides places for self-realization.

  • A company which has awareness and responsibility as a good corporate citizen and be highly estimated by the society.

Quality policy


  • Training of professional knowledge and skill
    Always recognize the needed knowledge and skill through the client requirement and train people to acquire and leverage them.
  • “Consistent and stable” quality level
    Improve the production and work quality, build the quality management system for higher customer satisfaction, and continuously maintain and improve them.
    Also, develop the framework to set and review goals and objectives based on yearly policy.
  • Propagation of quality policy
    This quality policy should be well known to all directors and employees. Also, drive education and enlightenment activities to make everyone understand and practice this policy.


Makoto Takahashi, Representative director of Seiho Technos Co., Ltd. April 1, 2020

Construction and production results

Number of employees

Number of contractors

Overview of the company


Compnay name
Seiho Technos Co., Ltd.

743-0061 Kozuo 1102-4, Hikari city, Yamaguchi Japan
TEL 0833-48-8868/FAX 0833-48-8268


[Chiba office]
299-0102 Aoyagi 569-12, Ichihara city, Chiba Japan
TEL&FAX 0436-63-3600

Seiho Unicos Nepal (Nepal branch)
Samakushi-26, Kathmandu, Nepal
TEL&FAX 977-1-4365470

Representative director
Makoto Takahashi

Established on
January 22, 2007

8 million yen

Main bank
Momiji Bank Tokuyama branch/Hiroshima Bank Tokuyama branch

Number of employees
30, Number of contractors: 50

Major customers
NGK Filtech Co., Ltd. / Organo Corporation / Kanro Co., Ltd. / Seika Corporation / Toste Co., ltd. / Towa Techno Co., ltd. / Nihon Kajitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. / Krones Japan Co., Ltd. / Nekken Chemical Industry Co., ltd / Hiroshima Kyodo Milk Industry Co., ltd. (In the order of Japanese syllabary)

AKTIO Corporation/KASUGAI CO., LTD./Koto Corporation/Sanyo Machinery Center Co., Ltd./DNT SANYO CHEMICAL CO., LTD./TOSTE Co.,ltd./Hikari Metal Center Co., Ltd./Toukou Shouji Co., Ltd./German Machinery Trading Co., Ltd./NISSHO ASTEC CO., LTD. (In the order of Japanese syllabary)

Plant area
1090㎡ (496㎡ in building)

Plant facilities
Polysoude/Overhead traveling crane (less than 5t)/Unic crane/Forklift/Clean room/Dry air/Sawing machine

Access map


743-0061 Kozuo 1102-4, Hikari city, Yamaguchi Japan
TEL 0833-48-8868/FAX 0833-48-8268

[The second port Factory]
 744-0011 Nishi-Toyoi-Nakajima-cho 6-1405-15, Kudamatsu City, Yamaguchi Japan
TEL ※Please contact our headquarters

[Nakiri Factory]
745-0802 Kuriyanakiri 50-8, Shunan city, Yamaguchi Japan
TEL&FAX ※Please contact our headquarters